The meeting room measures 24’ long by 20’ wide.  There are chairs available for 40 people.  There are five  6’ by 30” tables, a podium, a 24” TV monitor that has VHS and DVD players, a cable television connection, and two portable screens available.

The meeting room of the West Bridgewater Public Library is available for general, non-commercial, informational, educational, cultural, and civic activities provided that such use does not interfere with regular library operations, services, or programs and that those groups using the Meeting Room conform to the following rules:

  • Reservations must be made in advance on the application form for the use of equipment.  This equipment must be operated by a qualified person.  Please leave meeting room as it was found.  If the furniture is rearranged it should be returned to the original configuration at the end of the meeting.
  • All meetings must be open to the public.
  • Commercial uses of the meeting room are prohibited.  This includes solicitations, admission or other charges, money-raising activities, and/or sales.
  • The meeting room may not be used for private social gatherings such as showers, birthday parties, dances, etc.
  • Reservations for use of the Meeting Room must be made by a responsible member of the organization requesting use of the room who will see that all rules are followed.
  • Reservations from organizations for use of the Meeting Room are made on the Library’s application form and submitted to the Director at least one week in advance.  Groups wishing to book space in the next calendar year may do so beginning September 15 of the previous year.   Meeting space is provided primarily for library-related activities such as discussion groups, slide or film programs, or lectures sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library.  These activities will receive priority in the use of the meeting space.
  • Preference is given to West Bridgewater organizations.  A donation would be appreciated from profit making groups.
  • People attending meetings held during library open hours are asked to car pool so that parking spaces remain available for regular library use.
  • No admission fee may be charged nor any money collected by the group unless with the express permission of the Library Board of Trustees.
  • Smoking, alcoholic beverages, open flames, burning incense, and lit candles are not allowed.
  • Keys for the Meeting Room will not be given out to any group.
  • The Meeting Room and staff lounge telephones are not available for public use.  When the library is closed the phones are restricted to local calls.  Library staff is not responsible for relaying messages to individuals in the Meeting Room.
  • The Library is not responsible for materials, supplies, or equipment owned by the group and used by them in the Library.
  • The individual making the reservation as well as the group as a whole will be held responsible for any and all damages that may occur as a result of the use of the facilities.  Nothing may be hung on the walls of the meeting room.
  • Only light refreshments may be served in the Meeting Room.  Use of kitchen facilities must be requested when the room is reserved.  Groups serving refreshments must clean and wash all library appliances, remove all left over food and drink, and compact all trash.  Trash generation of a large quantity must be removed from the premises by the group.
  • Closing procedures for the room and the building must be completed by the group’s leader if the meeting is concluded after Library is closed.
  • The Meeting Room will not be available for use in the event that the building is closed due to emergency conditions, power outage, or inclement weather.  Should a power outage occur during the day when the library is open, the building will be open for one half hour in the eventuality that power is restored within that timeframe.  During nighttime hours staff are to begin the closing procedures immediately and usher all meeting room attendees from the building.  If a power outage occurs at night when the library is closed, meeting room attendees and leader will conclude the meeting, secure the building, and usher themselves from the building.
  • Verbal or written cancellation of a Meeting Room reservation is required in advance.  Failure to notify the Library of a cancellation in the scheduled use of the Meeting Room may result in the denial of future requests by the sponsoring organization.  After thirty minutes a group may forfeit its reservation if it fails to appear as scheduled.
  • The Library Director has full authority to approve applications and to ensure that all provisions of the rules of the Meeting Room use are observed.  The Director may deny further use of the Meeting Room based on abuse of these rules.
  • The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to refuse the use of the Library Meeting Room or cancel any reservation if they deem the action to be in the best interest of the Library and/or Town.
  • Use of the Meeting Room by any group in no way constitutes endorsement of the group’s policies or activities by the Library.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, September 1990. Amended by the Library Board of Trustees, Nov. 13, 1991, Nov. 14, 2001, Nov. 9, 2011, and Feb. 14, 2012