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Sewing NICU Blankets   

Saturday, Sept. 16 @ 10 A.M.  Join the WBPL team of sewers to produce a slew of soft, pretty blankets to be donated to local hospitals for their tiny and fragile Newborn Intensive Care residents. Sign-up at the Main Desk of the Library (508-894-1255).


How to get your words published   

Saturday, Sept. 30, 11 A.M.  Rev. Judy Campbell is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and the published author of the Olympia Brown Mysteries as well as poetry, essays, children’s books, and instructional books. The Olympian Brown mysteries address contemporary social and ethical issues as they entertain. The Connecticut-based independent Mainly Murder Press publishes the series. Find out how she got started and what advice she has on the writing and publishing process. This is will be a workshop with handouts and a few simple, fun exercises. Registration required. Sign-up at the Main Desk of the Library (508-894-1255). Thanks to the Friends of the Library for sponsoring this program.


Preservation Demo: how to save your valuable images digitally

Saturday, October 14th 10:30 a.m. Chris Lawrence shows how to organize your family photos, digitize them and save them in more than one format.


The Gravestone Girls come to the WBPL

Wednesday, October 18th @ 7 P.M.“Welcome to The Graveyard”, takes us from colonial burial grounds, through the rural cemetery movement of the 19th century and into 21st century locations. Fascinating facts about local graveyards in West Bridgewater will be featured. Thanks to the Friends of the Library for sponsoring this program.


Getting your infant and/or toddler to sleep   

Saturday, October 28th @ 10:30 A.M. Teresa Stewart, MS, MPH, will lead this workshop. Registration required. Sign-up at the Main Desk of the Library (508-894-1255).

Goals: (a) to create and maintain a healthy sleep foundation for your child, ages birth through three years old; (b) to develop reasonable expectations for how much sleep your child will need at different stages of development, including length and timing of naps; (c) to be prepared with strategies for when sleep challenges arise- which in the first three years, can be often; and (d) to understand the connection between sleep, behavior, and emotions of the entire family.


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